Water Testing

Water Testing

If your drinking water does not come from a public water system and your drinking water is from a household well, then the responsibility is on you to ensure your water is safe to drink. For this reason, routine testing of the most common contaminants is highly recommended. Regular testing of your water can be valuable to establish a record of water quality, which is also vital in assessing any future problems that may arise with the quality of your water. Another reason to maintain water testing is if you need to pursue compensation if a third party damages your water supply.

Signs that may indicate to have your water tested are: If you have had a chemical or fuel spill or a leak near your water supply or your water has an unexpected odour or is cloudy in colour. Another sign may be if your family members or yourself become ill that has no explanation as to why.

To be safe, your water should be tested every year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids and pH levels, especially if you have a new well, or have replaced or repaired pipes, pumps or the well casing. We also test for sulphate, chloride, iron, manganese, hardness and corrosion in your water.

For well water, we test for chemical contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds.

For young families: In the early months of pregnancy, your water should be tested for nitrate before bringing your child home, and then test your water again during the first six months of your baby’s life. If you are nursing, this is even more vital to check your water. It is best to test for nitrate during the spring or summer following a rainy period.

Once we have tested your water, Coastal Water Store can then recommend the best type of a filtration system to accommodate your needs. Depending on the extent that your water needs to be tested, the fee can range between $148.95 to $168.95. We credit you this fee when your filtration system is installed.