Purified Water

Purified Water

Why Choose Coastal Water Store for your Purified Water?

Compared to self-service machines at the grocery stores, water goes through one or a maximum of two barriers, which we feel is substandard for purified drinking water. At Coastal Water Store, we perform a multiple filtration process with frequent check points to ensure the water is purified to almost zero PPM (Parts Per Million). The lowest PPM means less contaminant/minerals in the water. To reach almost zero PPM guarantees high quality purified water, which we stand behind.

Eco Friendly Solutions:

By installing a purified water system will help reduce the waste of disposable plastic water bottles into our land fills and oceans, which improves the overall Eco- Environment.

Delivery or in Store Pick up:

In the Nanaimo and surrounding areas, we deliver fresh drinking water in sanitized bottles to your home or your business and will bring your empty ones back. For customers who reside further than Nanaimo, drop by our store and purchase your water and decide which size of bottle you prefer. If you have empty bottles, bring them in for exchange toward full ones.

Please visit our Products page for an overview of our inventory. If you do not see a product you need, please contact us and we will arrange to bring it in for you. If we cannot, we know who can.