Coastal Water Services

Coastal Water Services

Since the first day Coastal Water Store opened it’s doors, we have been delivering superior water systems to meet all our customers needs, inside their home and out.

Any water purification, water filtration or rain harvest system you require, we handle.

For Drinking Water, to Rain Water Harvesting, to Irrigation, to Well Water, we have the best purification system to purify and filter your water source. Coastal Water Store services all sector needs from Home to Commercial, from Urban to Rural Properties, to Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Facilities, Medical and Health Industries.

We also strive to better inform our customers on how a rainwater harvesting system can save them money. First we assess the location and then determine the best method to fit our customer needs.

Please visit our Products page for an overview of our inventory. If you do not see a product you need, please contact us and we will arrange to bring it in for you. If we cannot, we know who can