Our Team



Old fashioned family traditions and values are extended from every member of the Coastal Water Store team, to their customers to ensure exceptional personal care and service.

Coastal Water Store has a hands-on management approach with a never-say-no attitude. Starting from the top of the management team, to every person within the company, their well-known reputation in being dedicated to providing a full range of water services on Vancouver Island is unsurpassed by any other water filtration and water purification company, offering these same services on Vancouver Island.

Possessing an intimate knowledge of the island market and the demographics which are unique between communities, is very familiar to everyone at Coastal Water Store as they all live and raise their families here.

Mohammad Abedi, President and CEO

Mohammad is responsible for all the company’s daily operations and personnel. He took over the business operations as the Senior Executive Officer of Coastal Water Store in 2016. Ever since, he’s been striving to provide the highest level of customer service, adding better value to the products and services to pass along to his customers, including increasing innovative products to the inventory such as a variety of household filtration systems, rainwater harvesting.

He has a civil engineer background and acquired his degree from one of the best Iran universities over 23 years ago. For over 20 years, he has utilized his experience in rain water harvesting and waste water management.

When Mohammad acquired Coastal Water Store in 2016, he realized although Canada has one the richest water resources in the world, people should use our water resources wisely by implementing rain water and waste water management solutions into their everyday lives.

He also dedicates time as a loving father to his two children who are both athletic and musicians. His son is now 19 and his daughter is 15.


Our Staff are important to us. They are the strength behind who we are, as they are the faces that represent our business. Because of their loyalty to Coastal Water Store, we continue to be a leader in our industry in the locations we serve which are from the Cowichan Valley to Comox Valley, Nanaimo and the surrounding areas on Vancouver Island, plus all the gulf Islands close to Vancouver Island.

Our Staff are committed to a workplace where everyone is treated with respect and are entitled to good wages, competitive benefit packages, and consistent recognition of their achievements.