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Keep your home or office hydrated with cold, refreshing drinking water.
We deliver water bottles (5 Gallons jugs) to your home or office in Nanaimo, Jingle Pot & Lantzville.

Our Services at Coastal Water Store


We design and install filtration systems that are customized for your home, business or property to remove particles, sediment, bacteria and the chlorine taste from your water source.


From customer feedback, our water has a much better quality taste or should we say is “tasteless” in relation to other water purification companies they have tried.


We perform multiple tests on the quality of your water resources to ensure it is safe to use for your livestock watering, farm irrigation, spraying, or drinking water.


Rainwater Harvesting systems save on water resources, helps eliminate “over load” on municipal water services and helps protect the environment.

Welcome to Coastal Water Store

Coastal Water Store is a privately owned and operated family business which specializes in providing the best purified drinking water for Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Industrial facilities, Retail facilities and Family residences.

We also specialize in installs for purified water systems for under the counter/sink to accommodate the entire household. We also design and maintain filtration systems for properties on well water.

By servicing numerous locations on Vancouver Island and into the Gulf Islands, Coastal Water Store is available to implement the right water system for your needs and on very short notice. We install water and irrigation systems from the Cowichan Valley to Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, plus the gulf Islands which are located close to Central Vancouver Island.









Why choose Coastal Water Store?

Our Business is based on integrity, family values and family traditions that extends to every one of our clients and to our staff. As a family owned and operated business, we understand how drinking purified water is imperative for the well being of the body and how important it is to monitor the quality of water especially when on a well system or when residing in an older home with rusty pipes or fittings before the water reaches your taps. We also understand how imperative it is for a community to grow their own food with a cost effective irrigation system.

For further information on how our purified water and filtration systems can benefit you and yours, including the benefits of rain water harvesting, please visit our Services.

Throughout the years, Coastal Water Store has come to fully understand that each customer has unique water concerns, and no matter what water system is required to protect the well being of our customer, we always deliver. Our hands on management approach and highly trained professional staff guarantee exceptional, value-added service with state of the art technology.

Our singular goal is that you are taken care of in a professional, integral and courteous manner to provide all your water requirements from drinking, rain harvesting and for irrigation.

Coastal Water Store is very diversified to meet your specific needs for your home and your business to fully implement the perfect water solution to protect your well being.

We believe in giving back to our community and are proactive in providing drinking water for events and community services such as Crime Stoppers, Dragon Boat Festival, Summer Music Festivals and Health Foundations.

Contact us and find out how Coastal Water Store can structure a water system tailored to meet all your needs.


Keep your home or office hydrated with cold, refreshing drinking water.

We deliver water bottles (5 Gallons jugs) to your home or office in Nanaimo, Jingle Pot & Lantzville.


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